Who Will Be the Heir to the Throne in the Cryptocurrency Universe?

Who Will Be the Heir to the Throne in the Cryptocurrency Universe?

Regulation is coming: Game of Coins

If the indispensable characters of the popular series Game of Thrones, followed by millions of people, are adapted to the cryptocurrency universe... We liked this content very much and prepared the Turkish version for you.

Bitcoin/House of Stark

The real heir of cryptocurrencies.

Like Ned Stark, Staoshi Nakamoto disappeared soon after the emergence of Bitcoin, but his legacy lives on.

Bitcoin is in constant competition with other cryptocurrencies for dominance in the market.


Ethereum also believes in smart contracts for people and wants to free society from the bondage of intermediaries. She has also managed to form strategic alliances with big players, just like Khalesi.

Bitcoin Cash/Cercei Lanister

Bitcoin Cash, which claims to be the true heir of Satoshi Nakamoto and develops strategies to replace Bitcoin, is as cunning and ambitious as Cercei Lanister.

Litecoin/Jon Snow

Litecoin, which was born from Bitcoin with a soft fork, returned to its all-time high price level after the fatal decline in September 2017.

If Bitcoin is gold, Litecoin is seen as silver. Plus, Litecoin transactions are as fast as Jon Snow's sword.

Monero/Arya Stark

Faceless but with secret origins, Monero is a rebel currency like Arya Stark. Monero rejects the idea of disclosing transactions.

Its most important features are that it is private and untraceable.


A complete master of privacy like Varys, Zcash is a decentralized open source currency that hides its transactions thanks to its secret network.

Ripple/Jamie Lanister

Ripple, which is strong like Jaime, is not loved by the crypto world. Ripple, which has no mining, is not designed as a standard cryptocurrency. It is the exact opposite of what Bitcoin advocates.

It is a centralized currency and serves traditional financial institutions.

Blockstack/Tyrion Lannister

The new peaceful order Tyrion dreams of is very similar to Blockstack's dream of a new internet order for decentralized applications where everyone manages their own data. Blocstack's ICO process is as careful as Tyrion's elaborate strategic plans.

Bitcoin Gold/Stannis Baratheon

He believes that it is the real Bitcoin and that he has a right to the throne.

Like Stannis Baratheon, he has a small community that believes in him and follows him.


IOTA has been very successful in convincing the community through the media, making it seem like they have alliances that never existed.

Like Bealish, IOTA is a master at manipulating people with FOMO tactics.

Cardano/Samwell Tarly

The team on the platform, which focuses on scientific philosophy and research, consists of expert engineers and researchers. What Tarly and Cardano have in common is their investigative personality.

Tezos/The Hound

Despite the scar from the unpleasant battles within the team, he successfully completed the $232 million ICO process.

Tezos, which continues to be successful despite everything, seems to remain on the bright side in the crypto world.


NEO, also known as Chinese Ethereum, once set the markets on fire by bringing 400% profit.

It is unclear whether NEO, like Daenerys' dragons, will survive or fall into the hands of the white walkers.

State Authorities/Akgezens

Some authorities have set out to ban and eliminate cryptocurrencies. However, in this war, cryptocurrencies continue to form strong strategic alliances.

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