What is Double Spending?

What is Double Spending?

Double spending is the use of money or assets more than once. This is a very important problem especially for digital assets. Because digital data is easier to copy than other assets. When it comes to digital assets, it is necessary to take serious precautions regarding the double spending problem.

In case of double spending, one of the parties to whom the payment is made becomes a victim because they have not received payment. Let's explain with an example. You have 100 liras and you buy a coat. Then you want to buy a pair of shoes with the same 100 liras. Such a situation is not possible with fiat money (i.e. a physical asset). However, until recently, it was a significant threat to digital assets.

Bitcoin is not the first digital currency. However, we can say that it is the first successful digital currency. Previous digital currency projects have failed due to many problems. However, the most important reason why Bitcoin survived and became so popular is that it solved many problems encountered in the infrastructure of digital currencies. One of these is the double-spending problem.

In the Bitcoin blockchain, transactions are confirmed by miners. In this way, each transaction is unique and legitimised for subsequent transactions. Confirmed data entries prevent transactions from occurring a second time. If the same transaction is attempted again, the nodes participating in the network realise that the transaction is fake and invalidate the transaction. 

Bitcoin has not only entered our lives as a currency. The philosophical thought system behind it has changed the perspective of monetary systems. At the same time, thanks to its technological infrastructure and open source code, it has enabled the development of many new systems and digital assets. Thousands of crypto and digital assets have emerged and will continue to emerge after bitcoin with double spending and solving many problems.

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