500 Million Dollars of Bitcoin Accumulated Whale Sit on the Agenda

500 Million Dollars of Bitcoin Accumulated Whale Sit on the Agenda

A cryptocurrency whale has accumulated over $500 million in Bitcoin since the beginning of this year. According to blockchain information, a Bitcoin whale started buying Bitcoin in January and continued to grow its wallet regularly every month except May, August and September.

The most recent transaction of the whale, which made its first purchase on 16 January at $ 21,091, was made by buying Bitcoin at $ 36,266.

According to the information obtained, the wallet contains approximately 14,598 Bitcoins worth $ 534.9 million.

The whale made more than $ 125 million in profit with the price change of Bitcoin during the year.

In recent days, the cryptocurrency market has mobilised with BlackRock's spot Ethereum ETF application. Bitcoin, which approached $ 38,000 in the evening hours, fell to $ 36,000 again.

The whale's continued purchase at these prices has attracted the attention of followers.

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